Christmas Countdown…

Can you believe it, the day is almost here! My daughter has been counting down the days till Christmas since Thanksgiving. Every day, she asks us, with that expectant little smile of hers, “how many days till Christmas?” My kids have built up some big expectations for the holiday and it’s a little scary, I hope I’ve led them on the right track about what Christmas is all about.

For many of us adults, we have the same kind of countdown going on in our heads, but this one looks more like: 5 more Christmas cards to go, 3 more presents to wrap, 1 more roast beast to cook! Almost there crawling our way across the candy cane finish line!

With all of these countdowns, there is one more that we have kept. On our dining room table we have a small advent log with the five candles in it. We have lit each candle each week, looking expectantly to that final white candle that we get to light on Christmas day. Of all the countdowns we have, this is the one that matters most.

What we are looking forward to is the day when the light of the world was born on Christmas day. Jesus Christ who is our light, shines the light in our darkness and will be our light eternally when we die and one day will be the only light the world will ever need. That is the light we are looking forward to meeting and eagerly counting down to the day of His arrival.

Celebrate the light of the world this Christmas!

Merry Christmas and God bless!


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