It’s bigger than that…

The second reading for this coming Sunday comes from Romans chapter 6 verse 11, “so you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.”

When Pastor Paul says this he is addressing a question asked of him, basically saying “does it matter how I live?” We already know the answer to that question. Simply ask the people in our life: our spouses, our parents, our children… or if that’s not enough ask our brave police and firefighters, EMT’s and soldiers, they all would say the same thing, it does matter how we live, actions have consequences, we are responsible not only to ourselves but to the people in our life and around us, how you live matters.

It matters to God. But let’s take a second and move this away from the list that automatically runs through our mind that sounds like “do this…don’t do that…” Think of it in bigger terms, like life and death.

Loving and being loved makes me more alive. Giving of myself, my time and my talents for the sake of others makes me more alive. Living compassionately, generously, honestly and faithfully makes me more alive.

But hating and accusing makes me more dead. Acting selfishly, self-centeredly, only for me, kills me. Living apart from God I am a dead person walking.

But that’s not how God made you or calls you to be, in faith He has called you to be alive and living in your savior Jesus. This isn’t just a matter of do and do not, it’s a matter of life and death. His death that makes you alive. Be alive in Jesus.


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