Warm Up…

I saw a post on Facebook that I really liked from Pope Francis. (Here it is if you’d like to read it!)  It was a transcript of his sermon to begin the Lenten season. He talked about people giving up different things for Lent but the most important thing that we could give up is a coldness of heart towards God. He described this coldness of heart as being disinterested and casual toward God and our relationship with God. He commended all Christians to “give up” this coldness and warm up their hearts towards the Lord and in doing this being able to receive and enjoy the joys he has prepared for us.

Even though it is cold outside, this kind of coldness of heart can get into us during any season of the year. We can let the cares and concerns, the minutia and the daily routine take us away and cool our attitude towards the things of God in our own life. Will this coldness of heart serve you well? If we find ourselves cold to God how long is it before we find ourselves cold to the need of others around us. Leaving ourselves with a cold and isolated heart away from the warmth that comes from God’s love and genuine, meaningful relationships.

During the season of Lent it is an opportune time for us to be in the warmth of God’s love and be intentional about letting God’s light warm our hearts, break the coldness within, and make us warm and receptive towards God and the needs of others.


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