Thank You…

My family and I wanted to share our deepest gratitude for all of the Christian love and kindness our Church family and all of our friends has shown to us this past week during our time of loss. Our words cannot express how much it has meant to us.

That Christian love given and experienced in our time of need brought to my mind the words of Jesus from our Gospel lesson this Sunday. “For even the Son of man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Jesus sets out this simple difference in two different ways of living. Living as if the world owes you everything or living for the sake of others. The two ways of living could not be more different. One seeks acknowledgement, recognition and status as a way to fill a void in a life and base one’s worth upon. The other seeks self-giving, sacrifice, and compassion to share with others a love that we are filled with and to build them up with it.

Here is what happens to these different kinds of life. If we try to fill the void and build ourselves up on the backs of others we will always bankrupt ourselves in the end and have to answer for the life we lived. If we give ourselves but rely upon the love of Christ to flow from us we will always be full to overflowing with his love and Jesus will speak for us on our day of account before God.

Thank you for being God-given examples of Christian sacrificial love that walks in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Not just for my family this past week but for all of those I have seen you care for with the love of Christ.


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