Stay awake with me while I pray Jesus said this to His disciples as he went to pray at my church’s namesake, the Garden of Gethsemane. This was just before Jesus would be arrested, tried, beaten, crucified and die; Jesus knew the road ahead and went to be with His father in prayer and to have his disciples near him during this moment before the storm.

Now if we remember the story, did the disciples stand at Jesus’ side during his time of prayerful preparation? No, they fell asleep. Not once but three times until Jesus woke them up finally and said, the time has come, wake up.

This weekend’s Palm Sunday worship service marks the beginning of our Christian Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, as the church walks with Jesus through His passion and resurrection. But during this time of deliberate meditation, prayer and worship will we be found sleeping just like those disciples were so long ago? Will we let the urgency of everyday life and the temptation of sin lull us asleep towards the things of God and the suffering of our savior?

Like those ancient disciples we are weak but our savior is strong. If you are going to rest, lean upon Jesus during this time and not on your own strength or the false strength of our world. Rest with your savior during his holy week and lean on him during his passion, remember anew what God has done for you and let Him lift you up for the road ahead that you must travel. A road filled with struggle and temptation but one also filled with grace because of Jesus. Find your rest in Jesus not in the things of our world.


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