Pledge of Allegiance to the Cross

This Fourth of July Weekend, our reading is from selected verses of Romans Chapter 13: “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God/Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed.”

God’s Word speaks to us clearly about the duty of Christians to pay honor and respect to the governmental authorities that are placed over us. Remember as Pastor Paul wrote this letter, he was faced by a government that would cruelly torture and kill Christians and Paul himself would be executed. Scripture talks to us about who it is that we are to obey and love first, that is our God, not our country or government. But because we love God and obey his commands, we are to show respect and honor to our government officials, whether or not they are acting in a way that is God pleasing.

Part of showing that respect is to continually pray for our leaders in Government; this is a good practice for every Christian, especially to do so to stem the steady and growing stream of negativity and outright hostility brewing over in our country. As Christians, we are called to do what is right first and not wait for others to get the picture before we pray and show them love.

Ultimately, though, it is important for us to remember from Psalm 146 (NLV) “Don’t put your confidence in powerful people; there is no help for you there. When they breathe their last, they return to the earth, and all their plans die with them.”

Whether or not a particular government is friendly to our faith, we don’t look to the government to uphold what we believe and who we are as Christians, we look to God alone and His Word for our confidence and hope and we pledge allegiance first to the Cross of Christ.

God bless America, may we be the ones that God works that blessing through, as we bless our country with the love of Jesus.

The Pledge to the Christian Flag 

I pledge allegiance to the cross of my Lord, Jesus Christ, and to the faith for which it stands, one Savior, eternal with mercy and grace for all. Amen.

Pledge of Allegiance 

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


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