Phil’s Quick Thought… You are needed, seriously…

You are needed and wanted, seriously!

I really mean that. We all have a variety of things that stop us from being a regular part of a church family, most of them not so good and some legitimate but need to be worked through. With that said, you are important to the church family, yes you.

When you’re not around it’s like the empty seat at the dining room table that you keep looking at wishing it was filled with the person you love. You’re not needed because of what you can do but because of who you are in Jesus, you are part of a family that watches out and takes care of each other.

With that said, what you bring to the family is important, because we all have a place and purpose and God given gifts we share to bless each other.

But most importantly because we serve the same God who is our Father in Heaven and He has called and directed us to come together as family, to be with each other in His presence and receive His good gifts of life and salvation and share those gifts with each other and the people around us.

You are needed, you are part of a church family, don’t leave the seat empty at the table.


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