7 Reasons to Love Worshipping Together

Why do we worship together?

The Lord commanded us to. Not because God needs our worship but we need to be in worship with a church family, because…

  1. -In worship is where God has promised to meet you through His Word and through His Sacraments.
  2. -you grow in your trust and knowledge of who God is because God shares with you who he is.
  3. -you receive the forgiveness of sins and assurance of salvation each and every week.
  4. -you are part of a church family and when you don’t see you’re family for a long time you lose those relationships with each other, you get distant and cold.
  5. -it is an act of obedience. God has called us to meet him in worship and receive his good gifts of forgiveness and salvation. When we don’t were telling God we’re in charge, not God and we tell God how things are going to be. When we act like we’re in charge over God that’s called idolatry and we’re living like we’re God. Question is, will that save you or will it just take you away from God the source of all life and hope?
  6. -there are many more reasons like being part of a church family is meant to encourage and strengthen your faith life and support each other. But again, this can only be done in relationships and relationships are grown, not something that just happen.
  7. -You are loved, by God and so many others, don’t forget that, you are loved.

Why do we worship together? Because God loves us, and we love God and love each other.

See you in worship.


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  1. Very nice! I’ll invite you to see my post “When the Grave Grabs Ahold.” It concludes with something along your lines here; maybe you’ll get something from it.


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