More Powerful Christian Messages You Can Share

I’m trying this out as a tool to encourage and share our faith. I would love some comments and feedback. Phil



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  1. Great verse! I’ve been taking it more and more seriously. Our culture is decaying. Good is bad and bad is good. It seems the country and the world have collectively gone nuts. How? “Powers of this dark world.” Earth is a beautiful place; God made it. Even though it is only a shadow of its original self. Today, it is Satan’s dark world and getting darker.

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  2. Matt says:

    Pastor, love the verse…just prior to it, it talks about putting on the full armor of God. How true that is, Christianity is a battle, not a dream and as this verse states it’s against evil with a “D”…evil people are really just agents or instruments of darkness. As darkness gets darker, just a little light is pretty darn bright! That’s us! So it is not against flesh & blood but against those dark, evil spiritual forces…so how do we fight the good fight? Go back to the beginning of Ephesians …1:3 the battle is won already, we need only to avail ourselves of the victor!

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    1. Matt! Thank you the great comment! 🙂 I think it also helps us remember where our focus should be: prayer, worship and devotion. The places that make us strong in Jesus. God bless and guide!


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