3 Valuable Ways For Christians To Use Their Bodies

What you do with your body actually matters.

Okay, I know this one is going to sound obvious. We are so fitness crazy, working out, eating healthy, listening to nagging doctors about losing weight (I know they mean well…) being careful about what we put into our bodies, people. Most of it is good advice, to be as healthy as we can be in our circumstances.

But what we do spiritually with our body matters as well. We think sometimes that our spirit and body are separate only and what we do spiritually only effects the spirit.

But that’s not true.

Think of these valuable ways to think of and use your body:

First- The body is the vehicle for your spirit, we’re your body leads your spirit and your spirit your body has a profound effect on both. Sometimes we wonder whose driving the car after a while when we are really chasing after carnal desires that do us no good, body or spirit. But remembering that we are not only a body driven by our passions but a spirit behind the wheel starts to put us back into control.

Second-The very actions of taking your body to worship, singing hymns, folding your hands in prayer, serving your neighbor, grows your spiritual life and trains your body in the habit of being in the right places at the right times.

Finally- Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and to think of them in this way helps to give us a proper mindset when we are trying to make a decision- like “do I that sinful thing,” how would i feel about doing that sinful thing in the church building/sanctuary where I worship?

Today in most Christian churches is celebrated the Ash Wednesday Worship Service that really drives this point home, when we receive the ashes on our forehead, we are reminded of how little time we have with these bodies and we are asked how will we use them? To God’s glory, which will last eternally or to my glory which will never last and will ultimately lead me both body and soul away from God?

What you do with your body matters, use them well as a gift from God.

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