Is Lent Passing You By?

Where’s your head been this Lenten season?

I know my head has not been in the game quite yet. Family concerns, illnesses, general lousy stress, dishes, laundry and trying to get in my time to work out and eat well seem to be filling up my head and my heart. While all of that is happening Lent is passing me by.

But my encouragement for you and me, is that each day is a new day and each morning a new blessing. We could spend some time beating ourselves up for what hasn’t been done or look ahead to how we want to live the next day.

It starts with what our God has done for us in Jesus, on the cross, in HIs death, in His love for us. Jesus, who was not too busy for us to let the cross pass him by while he had other things to do. But everything else literally stopped so He could save you and me.

I don’t want to take advantage of that kind of love in my life but respond to it in the best ways I can. Through faith and devotion, worship and prayer, spending time with my Lord and my church family.

Respond once again to the love of God in Jesus this Lenten season.

Great Lakes!


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