What do you need?

Do you need God’s answer to the hurt and brokenness in our world and in our lives?

That is do you need Jesus?

Yes you do and so do I.

But are you acknowledging God’s answer to your need in Jesus? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe your playing around with it, not taking it too seriously, acting like it doesn’t have consequences for you and for the people you love. Maybe you acknowledge there is a God but you don’t like God’s answer to the problem. So you look to politics or medicine or yoga to be the answer. But just a quick look at the political scene tells us that the world’s answers are not found there.

When it comes right down to it, is it going to be your answer to what your life needs and the world needs or God’s answer in Jesus?

If it is your answer, then you are trying to do it on your own, apart from God. That’s serious, it doesn’t work and it doesn’t last.

But if it is God’s answer in Jesus, then it rests on God’s shoulders to bring our world to the place of healing and hope that He has promised. God does this, for us and our world.

But if you confess your need and receive God’s answer in Jesus, you get to be part of God’s answer in this world, bringing God’s healing love in Jesus to all in need.

Acknowledge once again your need and receive God’s answer in Jesus. That is be a Christian.


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