What are you celebrating this Palm Sunday?

Well done good and faithful servant.

We are fast approaching Holy Week when we remember the triumphant entry of our savior on Palm Sunday, the betrayal of the servant on Maundy Thursday, the bitter tears and death of Good Friday, all of which had to happen before Easter Sunday would come.

Palm Sunday is one of those in-between moments in the Holy Season. On the one hand it is filled with the cheer of crowds and children waving palm branches. But on the other hand it is these same people that will be shouting “crucify him” in the very next breath. Is it a victory or a tragedy? Both really. But it begs the question what do we celebrate on this day.

Maybe we should celebrate what Jesus did, not the cheering crowds instead He celebrated being another step closer to the cross where His Heavenly Father called Him to.  Whether or not the crowds cheered or jeered, Jesus was always heading from the palms to the cross. Always.

So when we live our lives not to be so worried about the approval and nods of others, all that will come and go, but to walk like Jesus, no matter what the crowds say, to love like Jesus, even if it means the cross for us as well.

Because at the end of the day, the only approval that matters is that of our Heavenly Father.


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  1. Linda Truitt says:

    Pastor, Great job! Linda

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