So What Happens After Easter?

So… what happens next for you.

Either this Easter celebration that we all just went through was a one time deal, or a yearly occurrence with Christmas, a one and done kind of moment that only comes around once a year and has no impact for the rest of the year.

Or Easter began to change your heart and life. The very knowledge that God has given to you a beautiful life to live, both now and in the spirit after death, and a resurrected life to look forward to when God makes all things new. A blessed assurance that those who died in Jesus are promised to be with Him in the Spirit, right now living a blessed life with Him. Maybe you are filled with a deep gratitud4661weigeleaste_00000004265e for all that has done for you in the Resurrection of Jesus that wants to flow out in thanks and praise to God.

So which one is it for you. Was this a one and done Easter or has it encouraged your faith and maybe even changed the way you see your life?

Let Easter be what it has always been meant to be, a life changing moment that you respond to all that God has done for you in love and thankfulness. Not because you have to, but because that is simply what you do when someone loves you so very much and has given to you so much so freely.

Christ is risen, he is risen indeed.

Great Lakes!


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  1. mcsidon says:

    I really like this Easter message. I am so very proud of you and your work with God’s people and out reach to the community. Mom

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