3 Simple Reasons To Pray Tonight

Have you spoken to God lately?

Maybe it has been about the health for someone who is ill or help on a test coming up? How about for the salvation of someone who is lost, far from Jesus or for yourself to come closer to faith? Maybe you are angry at God or not on speaking terms right now. Maybe you talk to him constantly.

Why do we speak to the Lord?

3 reasons:

  1. He calls us to be in a relationship with him, to give and share all that we are.
  2. He has promised to listen and to hear everything we say, directly, not through anyone else, he hears you personally.
  3. He loves you and cares about you, your life and your eternal salvation.


Why we pray starts first with the love and promises of God, knowing that through Him we are becoming who He has called us to be

We bring him everything we are because he has already given us all He is in Jesus.

Spend some time tonight talking to the one who loves you more than anything else.


Great Lakes!


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