Be At Peace

Just take a moment tonight and read these words from Jesus.


You are looking for Peace and so am I. We might call it security, stability, rest, a quiet heart, a good life, but is all the same. You are looking for Peace.

Looking for this peace, working so hard towards it, but never really finding it. That may be because you are looking for this thing called Peace in all the wrong places.

Jesus really assures us of this reality, that the peace you desperately want is not in this world, cannot be created by your hands, claimed or even earned now matter how hard you try because you live in a world that is never at peace and any illusions of peace are transitory.

This peace you are looking for is only given to you from Jesus, your Savior, the Prince of Peace. Because peace starts with a renewed friendship with God it can never be earned only received and knowing peace comes from being where God has promised to be to give you that peace freely, over and over again.

At peace with God we learn to be at peace with ourselves and with each other.

Be at peace, not as the world gives, but only as Jesus gives freely to you.

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