Are you starving?

Do you need Jesus?

It is an honest question we have to ask ourselves every often and the answer often comes in how we are living.

Do you feel like you are starving and Jesus is your only source of food?

Do you feel like you can’t breath and Jesus is the only source of air?

Do you feel lost in the dark and Jesus is the light?

If we answer no, then maybe we really don’t have a good understanding of how absolutely lost our condition is apart from God. Maybe we are holding on to some belief that I can find nourishment somewhere else, or I can find some air somewhere, or I don’t need the light I’ll just muddle my way through. But all of that is a deception we do to ourselves, When we die, we are utterly helpless. Death simply reveals our spiritual condition as well. We are dead in spirit and Jesus Christ is our life.

But when you understand not only that you are drowning but that Jesus is your life line, you cling to the places where that help is given freely to you.

Are you starving?

Jesus feeds you with his body and blood

Can’t breath?

Worship fills you with new life.

Lost in the dark?

God’s Word read, taught and preached is our light.

Be where your help is found.

Great Lakes!


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