Have an attitude of gratitude!

I bet you’ve heard that one before. You’re suppose to live your life with an attitude of gratitude.

That word gratitude means simply to be thankful for something. But if we feel like we are entitled and deserve what we have, then we won’t have an attitude of gratitude and more likely an attitude of stinginess and even mean spiritedness.

The word gratitude in it’s etymology is loosely connected to the word grace. Grace means receiving that which you do not deserve. Grace comes from God who gives to us all things buothmaterial and spiritual that we do not deserve.

To have an attitude of gratitude starts with grace and realizing in our sinfulness we do not deserve any good thing from God’s hand, we do not deserve salvation and we do not deserve heaven, but God in His grace and love for us gives to us all of those things that we do not deserve.

How is your own attitude of gratitude right now. Are you living like you deserve everything or are you living like life and all you have is a gift from God. It really matters, not only how you treat others but especially how you respond to God’s love.

Maybe a better word for gratitude is…


Great Lakes!


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