Wear Red


Learn to see yourself how God sees you.

Those words of encouragement came from a friend of mine this morning. See yourself how God sees you. 

I think it could be said, that the Reformation of the Christian Church was started with just those same words. 

This Sunday we celebrate Martin Luther posting the 95 theses of Church reform and starting a movement for us to see ourselves as God does. 

Because what we see so often is insufficient, insecure, inadequate, sinful, broken and we think God must see us the same way. 

But in Jesus Christ, God sees us as his beloved Children, loved, important, valuable, the most beautiful person in God’s eyes, each and every one of us. 

This week, no matter what you hear or what you think remember to look to what God sees when God sees you because of Jesus. You are His. 

This Sunday, celebrate the Reformation with your church family (even if your Catholic 🙂 and if you remember wear something with the color RED, the color of the Reformation, to Church this Sunday. 

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