Which Way Are You Going?


I’ve been told I should celebrate this new sexual revelation that is happening in our country. How freedom in sexual expression transcends gender and gender doesn’t exist but is fluid and expressing yourself with whomever or whatever is one of the best things ever to happen to human culture.

Isn’t it great I’m told. We should celebrate I’m told.

But then I read that Sexually Transmitted Disease Cases Hit New High in U.S. More than 1.5 million people were reported with chlamydia, the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.The CDC recorded nearly 400,000 cases of gonorrhea and nearly 24,000 cases of syphilis.”The STD epidemic is getting worse in the United States and, in fact, is at its highest levels yet,” This trend is more than half of the new cases occur in youth under 20 years old and many women are transmitting these diseases to their unborn children. This fluidity in terms is leading younger and younger children to be taken to the doctors by their parents to get hormonal drugs to change their gender, a practice that the national pediatric association is flat out calling child abuse. I’m wondering why people are celebrating, this doesn’t sound like good news.

Then I’m told I should #100moreyears for planned parenthood celebrating how long they have been open. I’m seeing messages from President Obama and Hilary Clinton celebrating this.

Isn’t it great I’m told. We should celebrate I’m told.

But then I read about allowing abortions whenever and for whatever reason including in the last trimester. I read about Planned Parenthood top executive receives a 1 million dollar salary from tax payer dollars while casually negotiating the price of fetal body parts and I drive by my local Catholic Church where in the front lawn are little crosses remembering the approximately 4,000 abortions occurring daily in the US, 1.21 million yearly. I’m wondering why people are celebrating, this doesn’t sound like good news.

I’m missing something here, I’m told to celebrate but I really don’t see much to celebrate about. I see people dancing and cheering and I don’t get it. There is a lot to be said for understanding other view points and ways of thinking, getting different perspectives and listening and trying to understand before being understood and especially not throwing out stereotypes like straw man arguments that just burn up under scrutiny.

But in the midst of all that there is music playing, it wants you to dance, to sing, to celebrate. But with such sharp divides and talking heads yapping at each other which tune will you dance to? Whose song will you sing?

Because you’ll have to give something up, let something go, say goodbye to what you once did or had, choose which partner to dance with.

When the dance partner celebrates death and convenience, abuse and the natural consequences of disease as acceptable byproducts for a lifestyle you have to think twice about that kind of dance, like where will that dance lead you, probably no where good in the end. But yet everyone still tells you to dance, except Jesus.

Jesus weeps over hurt and abuse, over death and sin. The very heart of God breaks for the brokenness we live within. The heart of God cries out turn your dancing into mourning, your laughing into weeping, grieve and repent of the sin in your world and in your life.

That requires letting go of one dance partner to dance with another. Sometimes when we see the people we love seemingly turning their back on God or at least on an active and alive relationship with God we wonder why. But look at what they are holding onto and who they are dancing with. It is those dance partners that are holding them and they are holding to that they don’t want to let go of to dance with Jesus instead. That can be really hard, because what is being held on to is a way of seeing ourselves and the world, habits and old familiar sins, But what if we saw what our dance partner actually looked like when our partner is someone other than God, we are really dancing with death gripped tightly in our arms.

Let go of death and dance with God. Because when you dance with God you are dancing with life eternal and with all of the saints in heaven and earth who are dancing with you celebrating the life God gives to us.

But when you are celebrating with God and Jesus is dancing with you so much of the world will not celebrate and they will not dance. While you are celebrating the life you have in faith and the joy that never ends and the hope that never fails, many will wonder why are you celebrating and will even be angry with you and fight with you because you let go of the world and are held in Jesus’ embrace. Just remember the cross when the son of God died for our sins and many celebrated over the death of Jesus.

So don’t be surprised when the world dances and you don’t as a Christian and when the world cries out against you while you dance with Jesus. There will always be this disconnect between the two because the world does not love the things of God and even though God loves the world so much that He gave Jesus to die on the cross, God does not love the sin in the world and will judge that sin justly. So one will always dance while one always mourns and one will always fight while the other dances. If you feel that disconnect between the two, you’re not going crazy, it’s how our sinful world is—out of step with the love of God. But don’t be confused, there is a difference between the two and there are two partners you can dance with. You dance with one and you are dancing with a skeleton in your hands, that is the dance of death. God has reached out and taken your hand in faith and says, dance with life and love instead.

Let go of one, dance with God.

Great Lakes!


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