What are you going to be busy doing this holiday season?


We have finally hit the holiday season again and it is going to be busy!

Busy cooking, busy shopping, busy, busy, busy.

But we also know with all of that busy comes a lot of stress and with all that stress, sometimes not always our best behaviors!

So here are some thoughts on what we can be busy doing instead so we’re not busy doing our worst:

  • If you’re busy praying then you’re not busy grousing.
  • If you’re busy loving then you’re not busy fussing
  • If you’re busy saying thank you then you’re not busy saying I hate you
  • If you’re busy praising then you’re not busy raising heck.
  • If you’re busy loving God then you’ll be a lot more busy loving each other.

So please be busy this holiday season but be busy doing the right things, the things that bring honor and praise to God and bring God’s love to the people you love and especially the people you don’t even know.

It’s time to get busy! Happy Thanksgiving!

Great Lakes!


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