Light a Candle


Have you brought out your advent wreath yet this year?

The kids in our church family this past Sunday all made these great little advent wreaths with battery operated candles inside of them. This coming Sunday our worship on Sunday will focus on the different candles in the advent wreath with special music.

But if you haven’t brought out your advent wreath yet, it’s not too late. You don’t even have to have an official one. Just take five candles and place them together on your table. Each week light a new one with your prayers and advent devotions and let the sense of anticipation start to build as you wait for the birth of your savior, Jesus.

Or, take a single candle and with your prayers and devotions at night, light the candle with these words:

 “Jesus Christ is the light of the world, the light no darkness can overcome.” 

Remember for a moment that in faith, Jesus Christ is the light of your world and that no matter what darkness you are facing, it is not more powerful than Jesus. He is the light in your life.

Whether you light a candle or not, what matters is being surrounded by God’s Words and love in prayer and devotion, remembering Jesus born on Christmas day.

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