Do You See What I See?


What did you go out to see? 

When you went to the store to do some Christmas shopping did you find Christmas there amidst all of the boxes and toys and wrapping and tinsel and lights and trees? I went to Ollie’s (local overstock place) 2 Sundays ago to see what was there and some of the stacks of toys were stacked taller than I am, one after the other of the same thing on top of each other. I saw children literally being dragged by their collars away from the stacks of toys with their desperate little hands reaching for whatever they could grab. I saw people looking at stuff with glassy eyes and glazed over looks silently adding up dollars signs in their heads. But I didn’t see Christmas.

What did you go out to see?

When you went out to see the lights at night did you find Christmas there? In my neighborhood every year there is one house in particular that is lit up like the fourth of July and you just know all of the decorations they have they have been there since the 90’s and those are not LED bulbs shining there. I do not want to know how much their December light bill is! There in their front yard, about an acre wide if you were to walk through it, you would trip over Santa Claus Mickey, the Grinch who stole Christmas, plastic carolers elves, 10 more different versions of Santa Claus, a bunch of lighted trees and every other Christmas decoration you can imagine and a few I had no idea existed. I looked for the little baby in the manger in all of those different decorations, it was hard, but finally I found the baby in the manger, right there next to an elf and a blow up Santa Snoopy. Even so, it was just one decoration among many, no more special than Mickey. But I didn’t see Christmas.

What did you go out to see? 

When you listened to some holiday music and watched some holiday shows about finding Christmas that somehow got misplaced once again and again or is danger from this nefarious elf or from children who don’t believe in the man in red. But no matter what you do, you just can’t get into the Christmas mood. When your thoughts keep going back to Christmas past and Christmas present doesn’t feel like a present. When you want to fake it to make it but you don’t got that left in you either and you play the music and watch the shows but you don’t see Christmas and you don’t feel it either.


What did you go out to see? 

You might not even know anymore. But I can tell you who came out to see you. Jesus came to see you. Jesus came to see you right where we are, lowly and in need, lost and confused, surrounded by things that don’t matter and looking desperately for what does. Jesus did not wait for you to come and find Him but has come to see you to show you Christmas.

Not in the trees, toys and tinsel. Not in the boxes stacked to the ceiling or the  grabbing hands or the glazed over eyes. Not in the lights or the plastic decorations that need their own house. Not in the man in red, reindeers or sleigh or in the holiday music or holiday shows or even if you feel in the holiday mood or not, whatever that actually means because we are not people with plastic smiles like some elves in a yard. Christmas is not there in any of those things.

Christmas is Jesus and Jesus is the only one who can show us Christmas because Christmas is simply how much God loves you that he would be born of the virgin and die on the cross and raised from the dead so you, you can know how much you are loved by God and in being loved receive that love and love God back.

Jesus shows us Christmas because Jesus is Christmas.

So what did you go out to see, it might not matter so much, but what does matter is who came out to see you this Christmas, Jesus Christ to show you God’s love.

Great Lakes!


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