Maybe We Shouldn’t Change


Happy and Blessed New Year!

This is the time when we talk about and think about our new year’s resolutions and about all of the  things that we would like to change about ourselves in the new year. Many new year’s resolutions are typical, some are just plain silly and a lot are really good, not like losing weight good but being a better human being good.

The thing about resolutions is that we want to CHANGE something about ourselves. But what if, especially for Christians, that’s not the point at all. Instead of changing something about ourselves in this new year…

just being who we already are in faith in Jesus.

In Jesus Christ, you are a child of God. God has said, you are mine. Nothing can take you from my hands. This is who you are in Jesus. It is secure and unchanging.

No matter what you may like to change about yourself it’s time to rest in God’s embrace and simply be who you already are. You are His.

Great Lakes!



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