What are you hungry for…?

My daughter is selling girl scout cookies for the very first time (and no this is not an advertisement) but I have had friends and neighbors literally drooling over the form they can’t wait to get them so badly.


What are you hungry for? Maybe it is that craving that you just can’t get out of your head until you get a slice of it.


Or, more real that deep belly emptiness and malnutrition that 1/4 of the children in our world suffer and die from every year. (that is unacceptable with the amount of abundance we have. https://www.wfp.org/hunger/stats)

Or you hunger for a promotion or for your team to win or for that special person or for health  or money.

do you hunger for Jesus???


Everything else, will never promise to satisfy you and you will always end up hungry again and again, usually for something different.

But Jesus always satisfies, Jesus always fills our emptiness. Jesus always leads us to the place where our hope is renewed and our need is filled.


Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Jesus for they will always be satisfied.

Great Lakes!


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