Everyone has an opinion…




On January 20, 2016 President Trump was sworn into office as President of the United States.


Obviously, over the past few days there has been a lot of feelings and opinions on this.

From anguish, dismay, outcry, depression, violence and wanting to blow up the white house to the other end of joy, exaltation, pride and happiness. One of the dissents I see most often on Twitter is #notmypresident. 

But does any of that change the objective reality of his presidency? 

At the inauguration it was simply announced to us, Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. He is the president and if you are a citizen of the United States Donald Trump is your president. This affects you directly and no matter what the feelings are, negative or positive, this is how it is.

But we were part of the process: elections, candidates, electoral college, just being a citizen, just like every other election and all of the 44 presidents before. But notice, it is our opinions on the reality that divide us not necessarily the reality itself.


Between 30-33 AD in Jerusalem Jesus called the Christ was crucified on a Roman cross in Jerusalem.


Obviously, over the past 2,000 years there have been a lot of feelings and opinions on this.

From anguish, dismay, disbelief, outcry, violence, actually blowing up churches to the other end of joy, hope, relief and peace. I’ve even seen #notmyjesus.

But none of that changes the reality of the historical event confirmed from both secular and Christian alike.

For over 8 times longer than the USA has existed it has simply been announced the this Jesus is the savior. Jesus, God from eternity, born of the virgin, died on the cross, descended to hell, rose from the dead has been inaugurated the savior of all. If you exist in this world, this effects you. Either you are saved in faith and  God’s mercy or you are perishing apart from Jesus.

Unlike the election, we were not a part of the process, God choose to rescue a fallen and damned people by His love not our choice.

This tells us two things about how the cross of Jesus relates to us and how we can relate to the cross.

The Cross Has Nothing To Do With You

That is with your opinions of how things should be. God did not counsel or ask us for our opinion in this process but before the foundations of the world were established, God has established a way home in Jesus. This is a static reality outside of our control, announced by God through the ages and we have absolutely no control over it. Whatever we may want, whether it is for God to give us multiple choice answers for redemptions or simply live how we want to without consequences, this is simply how it is. It is outside of our control and that is a good thing, because…

But The Cross Is Completely For You

I came across this story about a guy asking his girlfriend what kind of pizza she wanted and she kept saying, “whatever.” So he decided to give her whatever by writing in the special order section online that he wanted delivered an empty pizza box with the words “Whatever” printed inside.



That’s the problem with our opinions, they are so different, that we get “whatever” but what we need is Jesus.

Think of it this way, if you’re drowning in the ocean do you want a real, solid rescue boat with a ladder to rescue you or do you want your opinion of a rescue boat and what it should be like???

Once we get past all of our opinions on the topic there is only one thing that really exists, the cross of Jesus done for you but not with you. The reality of the cross divests us of all of our opinions, our ideas, our power, our illusion of self-reliance and leaves us with the cross alone. It is the cross alone that saves, not our opinions on the cross.

But if we fall back to our opinions and desires to save us all we have left is the idea of a rescue boat, not the real thing.


In our world right now, with all of the divisiveness going and the loud shouting of opinions it is so important to back off of our opinions lest the cross of Christ be covered over and we start to think that it is our opinions that matter. Not that we can’t talk about things but should we and if so in what manner?



635952563454573208-1270559741_bff listening.gif

Instead let the reality of the cross empty us of some of our opinions and the fire that so easily burns  by speaking graceful and kind words, even to direct insults, so that our opinions don’t take front and center but the cross does.

The cross, done for us but not with us because of God’s great love for us.

Great Lakes!


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