One Powerful Way To Speak Wisely


How can we speak wisely?

Lots of people claim to have all of the answers and so many claim that their views alone are right and will beat down others in the process.

But ask the smart and wise of this world what is the meaning of life, what happens when we die or if there is real hope and you won’t get a lot of answers. Often, you’ll get a lot of words but not much actually said.

That is because the wisdom of this world is simply limited in what it can know, only seeing the smaller picture.  But the wisdom from God comes not only from beyond this world but from the creator of all things. That is why true wisdom doesn’t come from us and our little perspective but from God and his eternal perspective.

It is only in the wisdom of God  given in Jesus that we can learn those answers about meaning, the future and real and lasting hope.

Armed with the wisdom that comes from God we then can act and speak wisely, being able to see the bigger picture that God is working and act accordingly, not jumping at every new idea or thought.

How can we speak wisely? Listen to God speak first.

Great Lakes!


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