How To Survive When Your Life Falls Down


I’m always struck be the scene of devastation that happens after an earthquake. Buildings, offices and homes that seemed solid and dependable crumbling before your very eyes, leaving people with nothing.

In many of the cities in California, it’s different. After experiencing the devastation caused by earthquakes the architects created buildings that have a strong foundation and flexible architecture that actually moves with the earthquake and keeps the building standing tall.

What are you building your life upon? It surprises us when we realize that what in our lives once seemed solid and dependable can come crashing down before our very eyes leaving us with nothing, unless…

that life is built on Jesus Christ.

Because any other foundation falls to the chance and changes of this world. But Jesus is not subject to chance or change and the life built upon Jesus Christ will not leave you empty handed, even if everything else fails, the life built upon the foundation of Jesus Christ remains, longer than anything else this world offers.

Today and everyday consciously build your life upon Jesus Christ who is already there in faith, solid and secure for you.

This is the only way to survive when your life falls down.

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