A Sign Of Death


Tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday, the observance of the season of lent begins.

The Lenten Season starts  with the sign of the cross placed upon the foreheads of faithful Christians across the world, placed there with ashes, a sign of mortality and death.

However, it is this visible sign of death that is also a visible sign of life for the Christian.

The ashes point us to the death we daily experience to sin and the life of the new creation that Jesus gives to us each and every day in faith, but it also points to the death we will experience when our mortal existence comes to an end.

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, but in those ashes is the sign of Jesus Christ’s victory over death, through the cross and the empty tomb, so that even though we die, we live in Jesus.

This Ash Wednesday, receive an outward sign of the inward hope you have in Jesus, who brings us from death to life.

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