Whose words are coming out of your mouth?

Is it my

This past week, in my day to day conversations, I have quoted lyrics of songs and lines from movies, I’ve also spoken a lot of words that have come just from me, both positive and negative ones.

I bet the same can be said of you.

But I wonder how my conversations would have changed and even been a lot more effective and powerful, if those same conversations were filled with quotes and thoughts from God’s Word and lines from hymns and praise songs. In doing this, letting God’s words dominate my own words and thoughts.

This week, together, let’s learn to let God’s Word come from our own mouths when we speak, to others and to ourselves. God’s Words like: you are forgiven, you are God’s beloved, we are brothers and sisters in Christ, Jesus Christ died for you.

Letting what God has to say also be what we are saying as well.

Great Lakes!


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