Would Jesus Choose That?

who do you follow?

Sometimes church families get so busy doing churchy kind of stuff that we often forgot what this is all about.

That is Jesus.

Jesus is the reason for a church family to be together, for us to meet and spend time together, for us to listen to His words, meditate on them and receive his sacrament.

Jesus is why the church does what it does and it needs to always be our goal to follow Jesus in what we do.

But not only in the worship setting.

Jesus is the one that you and me follow as well, asking quite seriously, what would Jesus do and what would Jesus say in this situation?

Think about some of the choices you have made recently. Were those choices pleasing to God? Are those choices something that Jesus would choose as well?

Because if we aren’t following Jesus and trying to choose what Jesus would choose, then who are we following and what kinds of choices are we really making?

Take some time and really think about your recent choices. Is that what Jesus would choose? If not, should I be making that choice myself?

Great Lakes!


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