For Fear Of?

Are you living in fear?

There is an interesting phrase in the Bible, it is, “for fear of.”

For fear of the jews, for fear of the jewish authorities, for fear of others.

From Jesus at the Feast of booths in John 7 when people wouldn’t talk about Jesus openly out of fear. To Nicodemus seeing Jesus at night in John 8, again we assume, out of fear. To the parents of the man born blind whom Jesus healed in John 9, they acted out of fear. You see the pattern. Both in exact words and thought we could find a lot of things, usually not good things, done out of fear.

This is Palm Sunday weekend when we remember not only the crowds that cheered for Jesus when he entered Jerusalem but also how those same crowds cried Crucify Him! Every attitude changing for fear of the opinion of others around them.

How often do we do the same thing, especially when it comes to our faith? We don’t want to talk about our faith, we try to hide who we are, we make decisions that are not God pleasing but pleasing to others. We cheer for Jesus and in the same breath say crucify him with our sin and avoidance.

That is why Jesus went to the cross, not for the cheers or the jeers but for our fear. To forgive our fear and strengthen our resolve so we can speak clearly, aiming first to please Jesus and not changing our opinion when the opinion changes around us. 

When you make decisions this week, ask yourself, who am I trying to please with this decision and am I acting of fear with this decision?

Great Lakes!


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