Blessed to be a Blessing


We are in that time in our church year calendar, right after Easter, when the reality of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is just starting to hit the disciples and it’s implications are sinking in.

Soon, they will be brought before councils and judges for the sake of the Risen Jesus, they will have to worship in secret, many will be martyred for their faith, many still with the Apostle John in his old age will receive the Lord’s Supper together dressed in rags living in a work camp on the Island of Patmos.

Reflecting upon those early christians and their struggles and thinking about modern Christians in the middle East who are routinely tortured and killed for their faith, it makes me sad.

But it also makes me grateful, not that others suffer and I don’t, but grateful for what I do have. A church building where my church family can meet openly and freely without fear, a very nice sanctuary with pews instead of stones or nothing at all and a communion rail instead of receiving communion in the dirt in a prison camp.

I am blessed with what I have, but this blessing isn’t just for me, it is a tool to be used for the benefit of others so they may know my Risen Lord as well.

We are blessed to be a blessing.

Great Lakes!


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