Something Bigger


God’s people are precious and in Jesus Christ you are part of God’s people.

In our individualistic western culture, it is all about me, sometimes in good ways and often not, but we are very individualistic in how we see ourselves in relationship to the world and in relationship to God. It is about me and Jesus.

Notice, that when God talks through His people and Jesus calls His disciples, we don’t hear it’s all about you, rather what we hear is that you are part of something bigger than who you are. In faith you have become a part of God’s family and God’s family is precious in His sight so yes, you are precious in His sight, as part of the family.

God’s word and salvation challenges us to look beyond our, about me, ways of looking at life and instead to see ourselves as part of something bigger, so big it takes eternity to hold.

In Jesus Christ, you are not alone, to go it alone means to go apart from how God intends us to live both now and forever.

You are part of something bigger than yourself that is precious in God’s sight.


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