Another Opportunity to Pray

Another opportunity to

It was only suppose to be a short two-day conference in Illinois last week, but on that Tuesday, the whole world started spinning and wouldn’t stop spinning.

I ended up driving myself to a local emergency room, which in retrospect was not a great idea, but I got there. After giving me some meds and running a bunch of tests, the world spun a little less and I was just sitting there waiting for the results.

Honestly, I was more than a little bit nervous about what was happening and the words from the pastor presenting at the conference went through my mind.

It’s just another opportunity to pray.

And I did.

I keep thinking of that, whenever I hear the news, get scared or anxious, relieved and happy, or just sitting in the car, all of it is just another opportunity to pray.

Every moment we have is a moment to return the throne room of God, kneel before God’s altar, and pray. Every moment and every situation.

Even when the world is spinning…

It’s just another opportunity to pray and talk to God.

(My diagnosis was an inner ear and a really bad sinus infection it seems like I’ve been ignoring it for a while now! Medicine is helping a lot, thank you for your prayers 🙂 

Great Lakes!



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