Wear Red this Sunday!

WEAR red-2

This Sunday we will be celebrating with over 80 million Lutherans the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. The celebration is not about a man, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther, or a movement, the Lutheran Church or even about us, but about Jesus and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be taught and shared with the fullness of it’s truth. “You are saved by grace through faith in Jesus, this is not of your own doing it is a gift of God.”

God worked through the man Martin Luther to reform the church so this message would be taught clearly and biblically, God works through His Church to proclaim this same message and God works in and through you to give you this freedom and to freely share Jesus with those you love.

So, this Sunday, celebrate Jesus, and wear red, the color of the Reformation and celebrate the forgiveness and freedom we have in Jesus. 

Great Lakes!


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