Be Prepared


My son has been in the scouts program for a few years now and one of the mottos that is always plastered everywhere is Be prepared.

Be prepared is the theme for the Gospel reading this Sunday when Jesus tells a parable from Mathew 25 about the ten wise virgins and the ten foolish ones. The ten wise ones, as you’ve probably guessed, we’re prepared and the foolish ones were not. The prepared ones entered the banquet feast and the foolish ones did not.

It is easier to go along with life with a complacent attitude like everything will keep happening how it always has then it is to be prepared and vigilant for what will surely come. This parable teaches us that while it may seem easier to let our faith life pass on by us as the months and years go by and we drift farther from the Lord there may be and often are consequences to being foolish like that when tragedy and death comes when it is least expected.

To be prepared as a Christian is simply to live the regular christian life of worship, prayer, praise and thanksgiving in a church family done in response for what God has done for you in Jesus. It’s not some crazy thing, it is simply being christian and when the day of the Lord comes, in faith, you will be prepared.

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