Me-attitude or God-attitude?


Happy Thanksgiving!

This thanksgiving, I want you to go far by remembering the difference between a Me-attitude and a God-attitude.

A me-attitude, focuses on, well me. This holiday, if we begin feeling resentful, or if we’re thinking we are owed something by the world, or that we deserve to have better, we are having a me-attitude and that kind of attitude only gets us so far, only as far as we can go, that really isn’t that far in the brief life we have.

Now remember, a good and healthy self-worth and love grounded in the love of God is a good attitude and it’s about me, but surprisingly, it’s not a me-attitude but a God-attitude that gives you that kind of self-worth.

A God-attitude, focuses on, well God. This holiday, if we are thankful for what we have, feel grateful for receiving and eager to share, and realize that what we deserve from God’s hand is only judgement but that what we get instead is love, something we don’t deserve; this attitude will take you far. Because this kind of attitude will take us far as God can go, and that is so big it never ends.

Go far this thanksgiving and explore all that it means to be truly thankful with a god-attitude.

Great Lakes!


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