Follow Me?

will you follow jesus' commands?

Our Gospel reading this Sunday from Mark 1:21-28 shows Jesus commanding a demon that had possessed a man to come out, and it did. The demon did not have any choice in the matter.

Jesus has given to us a number of commands as well, commands just as sure as the one given to the demon. Commands like, love one another, forgive as I have forgiven you, be kind and gentle hearted with each other, love God with all that you have, worship your God with your church family, remember the sabbath day by keeping it holy.

The difference between us and the demon is that Jesus does not force us to follow his commands. Yes, he is very clear about the expectations and the blessings and the consequences of following and not following his commands. But still he doesn’t force us.

With that Jesus has given to us a great responsibility and privilege. Responsibility because God has actually placed the consequences of your actions into your own hands. But a privilege because God loves you so much that he will never force your hand but wants you to love freely as you have been freely loved. 

When you come to the different crossroads of your own life and the decisions you are given to freely obey your savior’s commands or to disobey, remember how much you have been loved by God and how whatever God commands of you is good and right for your life.

Great Lakes!


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