Lovely Dust


For faithful Christians everywhere, tomorrow, on Ash Wednesday, begins the observance of the season of lent.

For many, this season brings to mind, giving up chocolate for 40 days or trying to jump start an exercise program. Those can be good things for us to do, except maybe giving up the chocolate, especially on Valentine’s Day. But the season of Lent goes deeper than that.

The dust on our foreheads remind us of our own mortality, no matter how much we exercise or skip chocolate we will still die, nothing changes that. We know our short life is filled with brokenness and hurt done against God and against each other. What do we have to commend ourselves to God when all that we become is sinful and broken dust in the end?

It is that same dust, that tells us how much we are loved. We are created by God from the dust along with all of Creation to be the recipients of God’s love and mercy.

You might be dust but you are God’s dust. You are forgiven. You are lovely dust.

If we, who have nothing to give, have received such forgiveness, how much more should we forgive and love the people all around us, who are dust as well, but they are God’s dust too.

Remember you are lovely dust who is called to care for the lovely dust in your life.

Great Lakes!


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