Stressed? Depressed? Me too.

How's your-2

How’s your stress level this week? Is it high and you feel like hitting the panic button?

How about your feelings of being down? We just had a little teaser of spring and now it’s grey and cold again and people are feeling blue.

Is there anything bothering you this week, any fears gnawing away at you, any doubts knocking on your door?

I ask, because I can personally say all of this and more has been going through my own life these past few weeks. I’ve found doubts creeping into my heart and the devil trying to snatch away my hope.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this kind of struggle, even if you’re doing well this week, you know how some of this feels.

But I just wanted to share with you that in the midst of all of these feelings and fears I went to Jesus. I reminded myself of who Jesus is, what Jesus has done for me, and how much I am loved. I prayed and talked to Jesus and no… it didn’t get all better right away, that’s not usually how life works. But I know my savior is with me and together we are walking through this valley.

I want to encourage you to remember who Jesus is, what Jesus has done for you, and how much you are loved. Pray and talk with Jesus and talk with good Christian friends who love you and will pray for you.

Especially, be in worship where Jesus always lifts us up.

Great Lakes!


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