Who Will You Agree With?

What matters most?

We are quickly coming to the close of this special holy season of Lent with Palm Sunday services this weekend.

Imagine Jesus, on that Palm Sunday surrounded by all of those crowds who all wanted something different from Him or what his Heavenly Father had sent Him to do.Jesus had a choice, which way to go, the palms or pain? What mattered most to Jesus was not what the crowds wanted but what his Heavenly Father wanted for Him and what the crowds needed most: forgiveness of sins given on the cross. 

For you, what matters most to you?

What other people think of you or what your heavenly father thinks of you?

Or what matters most; what you and other people want for you to be and to do or what your heavenly father wants you to be and do?

Ultimately if we put anything else above God, including ourselves, we are worshipping the wrong thing and that will lead us down the wrong path.

Remember all that you are and all that is right to do is found in Jesus.

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