It’ll be okay, really.

It'll be okay, really.

Some of the most beautiful words in the New Testament I think are when Jesus comes to his disciples after the Resurrection and says to them, Peace to You!  (Luke 24:36ff) 

Then Jesus shows them his hands and feet, lets them touch him, says “look I’m not a ghost, it’s me, I’m real, peace to you.”

Because they were filled with anxiety, fear, and confusion and they needed that reassurance that honestly, everything was going to be okay because Jesus was okay and they would be too.

My life so often is filled with anxiety, fear and confusion, how about yours? There are good days, bad days and worse days, but sometimes if not often,  I just need to hear that it’s going to be okay and hear it from someone that actually knows what they are doing and can do something about what’s hurting me. It’s nice when friends try to soothe us with these words, but when Jesus says it’s going to be okay, after defeating death and rising from the dead, you know Jesus knows what he’s talking about and has already done something to help you and me.

This is a simple but beautiful message Jesus gives to us after Easter morning and his resurrection, in the midst of all of our fears and insecurities. Peace to you. Its going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay because Jesus is okay and we will be too.

When Jesus says it, you know it’s not wishful thinking, but it’s true.

Great Lakes!


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​I am a recovering burned out workaholic​ who forgot I couldn't change the world. From the ashes of that not only have I found a peace from God that I never knew but a focus on what matters, God, family and loving my neighbor as God has loved me. My burning out experiences really drive my writing and how much I want to share all of the good God has worked through the hurt I've experienced. Currently I serve a great little parish in Northern Ohio with my wonderful family and our furry farm of five dogs, four cats and the oddball handful of fish. You can find me at

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