Don’t Hope

The lightof morning decomposes everything

We use the words “I hope” a lot.

 I hope I don’t get sick. I hope I get that job. I hope for a better life. I hope my favorite sport’s team wins again?

With all of that hope, we usually can do positive things to work towards what we hope for. Except for our sport’s team, of course! But even with the best of intentions and the most hope filled attitude, our human hope often does let us down.

I hope I don’t get sick but I do.

I hope work turns out better but it doesn’t.

I hope they win, but often they don’t.

Our own hope keeps us looking forward but its not the best thing to place our life upon.

We even say hope when it comes to God. I’m hopeful about heaven. I hope I’ll see my loved ones. I hope God stays with me through this hard time. But that’s not right.

Because there is a difference between what we hope for and what God promises. Our hope can let us down but God’s promises will always happen.

So, instead of trusting in hope, it is much better for us to place our futures and our lives into what God promises.

To do this we change how we talk.

We say instead of

“I hope,” 

 “God promised.”

God promised to be with me. God promised my home with him forever. God promised I am forgiven.

Use these words this week to encourage yourself and keep you going. God promised. Though make sure it is actually something God promises. If you don’t know, ask a good Christian friend or pastor. 

“God promises to always be with you, through everything.”

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