Reinventing the Wheel?


This week’s gospel reading is from John 15.

It is one of the more beloved passages and my confirmation verse. Jesus said, I am the vine and you are the branches.

This passage pulls from imagery of leaves and branches connected to the main vine that has roots deep underground. It is these roots that pump the life-giving nutrients into the leaves and branches, keeping them alive and producing fruit. But if that leaf and branch is separated from the vine, we all know what happens, it withers up and dies and doesn’t bear fruit, because it can’t.

We live in a time where it’s all about me. About what I want, what I want to be true, how I want to live. But so many find that in this rabid individualism that they are trying to reinvent the wheel over and over again, trying to do new and refusing to learn from what has been done before. This kind of attitude has left so many unmoored and ungrounded, separated from solid teaching and foundation, being pushed around by every new fad and new thought.

This kind of living leaves people apart from the vine of Christ, separated from His life and his teachings, without something solid to hold them during the hard and good times of life. This is not a good way to live, for anyone. We don’t do this on our own. We are connected to Jesus Christ and then to each other in faith, this holds us together when the world tries so hard to pull you apart.


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