Say Thank You…


Have you ever had someone do something kind for you?

Something that you just had to say thank you for what they had done?

It might have been a present on your birthday or it might have been a kindness that was so unexpected and so out of the ordinary that you didn’t know how to say thank you for it.

This is one of the one of the easiest ways I have to understand why we worship Jesus together with our church family as often as we can. We are simply saying thank you for all Jesus has done and never stops doing for us.

In this week’s readings for Ascension day, this is exactly what the disciples did, after Jesus had kept all of his promises, dying, rising, saving and now ascending to heaven, it says they “were continually in the temple blessing God!” (Luke 24:44-53)

If we’re not saying thank you, maybe it’s for a reason that is happening in our hearts. Maybe we don’t realize or are having a hard time receiving all of the goodness that Jesus has and continues to give to us. Maybe it’s from hurt, or pain, or loss that’s stopping us.

Please know, Jesus loves you and you will find a reason to say thank you with Him.

You will see, we can never say thank you enough for all Jesus has given to us.


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