Be on Fire


This Sunday is the church’s celebration of Pentecost which was the visible giving of the Holy Spirit appearing as tongues of fire on the heads of the disciples causing them to run out of hiding and preach in the public square in front of a mass of crowds and the men who killed Jesus. 

Believe it or not, the visible tongues of fire that didn’t burn them wasn’t the most remarkable of miracles that day. The most remarkable was that these disciples knew without a doubt that once they were out of hiding the people who were behind killing Jesus would try to kill them and the crowds they were preaching too were the same crowds that cried out, crucify him against Jesus.

But it didn’t matter, the most important thing, even more important than their own lives, was sharing Jesus with anyone they could find. They were on fire for Jesus. They wore red. 

Isn’t it amazing that a life can be so strongly focused that even life and death pale in comparison to the amazing grace found in Jesus. In a world of so many options it is hard to be focused on the most important thing of all. The amazing grace found in Jesus. 

So, wear Red this Sunday and anytime this week and be on fire for Jesus. 

Great Lakes!


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