Undercover Christian


Are you an undercover Christian?  Hiding out so no one can find you?


Our reading this Sunday from John 3 tells the story of Nicodemus, a religious leader who goes to Jesus at night, so he wouldn’t be found out talking to and learning from Jesus.

How about you?

Do you go to Jesus at night only, when no one is looking and then pretend you’ve never met him the rest of the day?

Maybe you are concerned about what other people will think about you if you told them you were a Christian. They might think you are like those crazy Christians you see depicted on tv shows.

Or maybe, you’re hiding from yourself, you haven’t jumped all of the way in but you really hope this whole Jesus thing is true.

Jesus will talk to you, wherever you are. Even at night when no one is looking. Jesus won’t force you out of hiding but will certainly challenge you to stop living like an undercover Christian and actually be a, full-on, in the light so everyone can see Christian.

Why? Because there are people in your life that need Jesus and you are the one Jesus has called to share His love with them.

Matthew 5:16 tells us this.  

Let your light so shine before men, that. they may see your good works, and. glorify your Father which is in heaven.

It’s time to step out of the darkness and be a light for Christ that all the world can see because someone you love needs you to be the light of Jesus for them.

Great Lakes!


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