Why Do Good Things Happen?

Why do good things happen

Yesterday marked another anniversary of 9/11 and after that event people flooded into churches and synagogues looking for stability in a world that seemed to have gone out of control.

We know life is filled with crisis, trauma and pain, on an individual scale and for a whole country. We get used to the good things in life and we assume that that is how it should always be, and when it isn’t we often become angry and scared.

We often ask the question why do bad things happen?

But have you ever asked why do good things happen?

Why is there love, beauty, happiness, joy, and peace in this crazy, broken world?

Instead of just bad all of the time we experience good times all of the time, even when bad happens, goodness and order are actually the normal for our lives.

Why is that?

Well the good in our lives point us beyond our world to a God who is the source of all goodness and love and who gives that goodness and love to us.

Bad things will always happen in this life, but good things don’t have to. The good comes from God. Take some time this week to ask yourself about where the good things in your life come from and then thank God for each of those blessings.






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