Don’t Give Up On You!

Don't Give up on you!

This devotion is reaching out to all of you who have had your hearts broken and told you weren’t worth anything. Someone took your dreams and broke your heart and you feel the weight of the world pulling you down.

Might have been years ago or the tears are still falling. I won’t tell you I know how you’re feeling, I don’t, all of our pain is our own in that way.

But I want you to know that you are worth saving, worth being loved, worth being cared for.

It doesn’t matter what they say, whoever they are, you have worth, the sun will come back up and you will get through.

Take all of that hurt you have and lay it down before the feet of our Lord, give it all to Jesus, whatever it is.

You’re angry, ok, Jesus can handle it.

You’re hurt, Jesus has been there.

You don’t know what to believe anymore, it’s okay Jesus still believes in you.

How much you are worth is always found in the eyes of your loving God who lived and died for you, that doesn’t change. Cling to that simple truth, you are always loved and always worth it, and when you can’t hold on anymore, let Jesus hold you tight and keep you safe.

Don’t give up on you, Jesus never will. If you need help, reach out, anytime.



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